Our Process

The Stoute Solution provides the ability to work your role and offload the rest to our team, or if you have one, your team with assistance from our team filling in the gaps providing you freedom, reducing anxiety and stress, and increasing your overall performance and outcomes.

Phase 1: Audit for Clarity

Step 1: Audit

  • Audit existing Website
  • Audit existing social media
  • Audit existing paid ads
  • Review Brand Messaging

Step 2: Define

  • Identify Ideal Client Persona
  • Define UVP/Messaging that speaks to the new Ideal Client Persona
  • Define ideal client segments

Step 3: Plan

  • Develop a marketing action plan
  • Plan Lead Funnels and Calls to Action
  • Define new website architecture

Phase 2: Take Action

Step 4: Setup

  • Setup tech stack
  • Segment out client lists
  • Setup Lead Funnels

Step 5: Create

  • Create re-engagement campaign
  • Create lead magnet/s
  • Create nurturing campaign
  • Create an abandoned cart campaign
  • Create retargeting campaign

Step 6: Optimize

  • Optimize existing website's SEO
  • Adjust existing ads
  • Modify existing website for CRO
  • Update existing website based on new architecture

Phase 3: Find Freedom

Step 7: Automate

  • Automate Nurturing Campaign
  • Automate Abandoned Cart Campaign
  • Automate Retargetting Campaign
  • Automate Win-Back Campaign
  • Automate Review/Follow-up Campaign

Step 8: Review

  • Review ad campaigns
  • Review conversion optimization
  • Review website metrics
  • Review opt-in rates

Step 9: Adjust

  • Adjust ad campaigns
  • Adjust conversion optimization
  • Adjust website metrics
  • Adjust calls to action